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Fresno Rack & Shelving and Bakersfield Rack & Shelving have cold storage racks and shelving installed all over the western United States. Call us today at 559-275-7225 for a no cost estimate.

Our products include:
 – Drive-In Racking
     – Push Back Racking
      – Pallet Flow Racking

Fresno Rack & Shelving and Bakersfield Rack & Shelving are a proud member of the California Fresh Fruit Association as well as the Western Agricultural Processors (WAPA).


Structural Steel DRIVE-IN Racking

Drive-In Advantages

  • High Density – no other form of storage provides greater capacity in the existing cubic space.
  • Minimized pallet cost per square foot.
  • Eliminates need for expensive warehouse expansion.
  • Major cost savings utilizing existing lift equipment.
  • Maximum productivity with Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory control system.

Why choose Drive-In?

  • Adjustability – Can maintain 1″ vertical adjustability
  • Durability – Made to last longer; designed to hold up better; finished to look better, longer.
  • Warranty – Unlimited two year warranty against fork truck abuse is unmatched in the industry.
  • Experience – Over 50 years in the research, design, engineering, manufacturing and construction of structural steel rack facilities.
  • Bolted Connections – Strong at 360˚ and guaranteed against dis-lodgement even from upward vehicle or pallet impact.

Amazing Design

Drive-In rack systems are the most complicated storage systems to design, engineer, and manufacture. Yet, most companies and rack manufacturers overlook this complexity when designing the overall system.

We Offer:

  • Most modern, three-dimensional computer aided custom design and manufacturing technology.
  • Advanced Auto-CAD analysis and detailing system.
  • Complete line of special options and accessories.
  • Conveniently located, nationwide manufacturing facilities.
  • Specialists in freezer/cooler applications

Pallet Racking

  • Single deep pallet racking.
  • Can be placed back to back.
  • First pallet in – First pallet out.
  • Can be used with or without decking.
  • Great for warehouses like Costco stores.
  • Large weight capacity racking.

Structural Steel
Push Back Racking

Greatly increase your productivity with full pallets always at aisle face. Create selectivity of a conventional single deep rack. Simple inventory control with all pallets at the aisle. Complete accessibility of every storage level at aisle face. Never need to empty a lower level. All you need are standard fork trucks. No specialized lift equipment is necessary.

Structural Steel Pallet
Flow Racking

First pallet in, first pallet out (FIFO) for maximum inventory control. Aisle required at front of racking and at rear of racking. Load pallet in rear and rolls to the front of the system on a roller system with required brakes built in to control speed of pallet/loads. The ultimate in rack systems.